Oreo Dessert Box Recipe | How to make Oreo Dessert Without Oven | Oreo Dessert Box No Bake

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Oreo Dessert Box Recipe
1 pack (137g) Oreo Cookies (contains 14 pcs oreo cookies)
2 tbsp melted butter
Additional 6 pcs Oreo Cookies
2 cups fresh milk or evaporated milk
1 ½ tbsp cornstarch
2 ½ tbsp sugar
2 tsp unflavored white gelatin powder

½ cup Fresh Milk or Evaporated Milk
1 cup Dark Chocolate, chopped

Mini Oreo Cookies

1. Crush oreo cookies into crumbs using a ziplock bag and rolling pin.
2. OREO CRUST. In a bowl mix together crushed oreo and melted butter. Put 4-5 tbsp oreo crumbs at the bottom of the container. Flatten oreo crust using a spoon. Set aside.
3. OREO PUDDING LAYER. Chopped 5 pieces oreo cookies then set aside. In a pot or pan combine cornstarch, sugar and unflavored white gelatin powder. Mix. Add fresh milk or evaporated milk. Mix well. Turn on stove cook over medium heat while continuously stirring. Turn off the heat when it boils. Mix in chopped oreo cookies. Pour oreo pudding on top of oreo crust. Let it cool to set.
4. CHOCOLATE GANACHE. Heat fresh milk or evaporated milk over low heat. Turn off the heat when it starts to boil. Pour hot milk over chopped dark chocolate. Let it sit for 1 minute. Then mix until the chocolate melts. Pour chocolate ganache over oreo pudding. Put mini oreo cookies on top of chocolate ganache. Cover and chill before serving.


1 pack(137g) Oreo Cookies __________________P39.95
Additional Oreo Cookies (5 pcs) ______________P18.00
Fresh Milk _______________________________ P42.50
2 tbsp butter _____________________________ P 2.81
Sugar ___________________________________ P 3.00
Cornstarch _______________________________ P 2.00
1 pack(22g)Unflavored white gelatin powder ___ P 12.95
Dark Chocolate ____________________________P 60.00
Mini Oreo Cookies _________________________ P 16.50

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