mango custard recipe | mango fruit custard | मैंगो कस्टर्ड | mango custard dessert

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mango custard recipe | mango fruit custard | mango custard dessert with detailed photo and video recipe. an interesting dessert recipe made with mango pulp and vanilla flavoured custard powder. it is certainly a better way of making the traditional fruit custard recipe with more flavours and taste. it is basically an extension to the traditional fruit custard where mango pulp or puree is added with the custard milk.

mango custard recipe | mango fruit custard | mango custard dessert with step by step photo and video recipe. dessert recipes and fruit-based beverages are very common during the summer season. particularly the mangoes are heavily used in the tropical climates which would eventually help to bring down the body temperature. one such fusion and the popular recipe is mango custard recipe known for its flavours and creaminess.


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