The Summer Spaghetti Recipe That Changed My Life | How To Make Dinner

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The Summer Spaghetti Recipe That Changed My Life | How To Make Dinner

This is hands-down the best spaghetti recipe I know.

It’s also the most simple spaghetti recipe, and is one of the most simple and satisfying dinners in the middle of summer.

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Try this summer spaghetti with only the best peak season tomatoes, plenty of good olive oil, and the right amount of salt. If you’re not growing your own tomatoes, buy them from a farmers market if possible. Locally grown tomatoes are a game changer.

I worked one shift at a really nice local restaurant a few years ago and this simple spaghetti recipe was the best thing that happened to me that day. It’s one of the few things I make year after year, and I only ever make it in August or September when the tomatoes are so juicy and the garlic is really good. This is the ultimate tomato recipe and one of my all time favourite summer dinner recipes.

Because it’s so simple, it’s even more important than usual to heavily salt the pasta water. Stick your finger in there and taste it. They say it should taste like the sea, which sounds about right from where I’m sitting.

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