High Energy Breakfast Recipes + Tips with Joy Bauer and Jenna Bush Hager

Breakfast Recipes
Start your day off right with an energizing meal. In this lesson from the Bluprint class TODAY Everyday Healthy Eating, hosts Joy Bauer and Jenna Bush Hager share recipes that’ll up your breakfast game, including make-ahead low-carb quiche biscuits, apple “doughnuts,” and in-a-pinch berry-protein smoothies. See the full class for more healthy meal ideas 👉 https://bluprnt.co/HealthyEating

About TODAY Everyday Healthy Eating
Let’s face it: Eating can become a low priority when you’re always on the go. But with a little prep work and know-how, you can make healthy food choices no matter how busy you are. NBC’s “Today Show” host Jenna Bush Hager and nutritionist Joy Bauer share their advice, tips and recipes to help you power through your day. Watch all the lessons on Bluprint now 👉 https://bluprnt.co/HealthyEating

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